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“From start to finish Dr Duncan has been welcoming, empathic, detailed and supportive in her assessment and feedback. My child was very nervous about attending the assessment but within minutes he was relaxed and chatting away as if he had known Morvwen for years! I was anxious about taking my child for a full assessment, wondering how he would cope and how I would understand the tests and subsequent results. Morvwen explained everything in such a way that it made sense and also reassured us in equal measure. I would highly recommend Dr Duncan to anyone who was beginning the journey of looking for diagnostic testing for their child. This report gives my child a voice now and for that we will always be grateful"

Parent - Cognitive Assessment

Outcome Measures: Clinical Effectiveness

At The Lotus Psychology Practice we routinely collect standardised and individualised outcome measures. This includes evidence-based, reliable and validated measures of the severity of specific mental health disorders (such as the Revised Child Anxiety and Depression Scale: RCADS) alongside individualised goal-based outcomes. 

This allows us to monitor progress across sessions, as well as to collect data to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of our services. 

outcome measures: clinical effectiveness

 This graph demonstrates individual goals for therapy, set by the client and rated out of 10 (with 10 being full achievement of that goal).

A paired samples t-test showed that the goal-based ratings increased significantly from pre-therapy (M=2.4, SD=1.4)  to post-therapy (M=7.8, SD=1.1;  t =-14.07, p < .001, d =24).


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