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Expert Witness

With expertise in child, family and adult assessments

we are able to provide Expert Witness services for both

Private and Public Law Proceedings. 


We are able to conduct an in-depth assessment of attachment, child development, psychological and family systems. Areas of assessment include neglect, abuse, risk assessments and parental alienation. As well as the challenges within a system, we consider the strengths to offer guidance for the Courts.

 In addition we have expertise in the assessment and diagnosis of parents and children with learning disabilities or learning difficulties.

We provide services across family, criminal and civil law, in accordance with Legal Aid Agency rates and guidelines. 

CV available on request.

Family Law Expert Witness Psychologist
Family Law Expert Witness Psychologist

Family Law

  • Local Authority and Care Proceedings

  • Looked-after, fostering and adoption

  • Impact of parental mental health on children

  • Child, adolescent and adult mental health

  • Attachment relationships

  • Developmental trauma

  • Capacity assessment

  • Cognitive assessment of adults and children (intellectual ability)

  • Neurodevelopmental assessment

  • Child protection, risk and impact of abuse

Family Law Expert Witness Psychologist

Criminal Law

  • Children or adolescents displaying Harmful Sexual Behaviour

  • Extradition/deportation

  • Fitness to interview/capacity

  • Mental health assessment

  • Cognitive Assessment of intellectual abilities

Mental Health

Civil Law

  • Mental health impact of personal injury

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Impact of abuse

  • Cognitive Assessment

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