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A brief initial consultation by phone or email is free of charge to discuss whether we can help, answer any questions you may have or arrange an appointment. We currently accept referrals through personal insurance (Bupa, Aviva and WPA).

  • Initial assessment - £350

Assessment appointments last for 90 minutes and include time with parents/carers and the young person separately. Detailed information is gathered and an agreed therapeutic plan is developed, based on your child’s difficulties and individual goals is developed. A full assessment report is included.


  • Therapy session - £150

Therapy appointments last for 50 minutes and focus on your child’s individual goals for treatment.

  • Parent session - £150

Parent support session last for 50 minutes and focus on your individual goals for treatment.

  • Comprehensive cognitive assessment - £975

Comprehensive assessment of your child’s learning  over a 3-4 hour period. This includes a full report and a feedback session to discuss the findings. ​

  • Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder - £2400

A diagnostic assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder involves multiple professionals, and includes liaison with school, obtaining a detailed developmental history from the parents (3Di or ADI-R) and a standardised assessment with the young person (ADOS). A comprehensive report and feedback session is included, which includes recommendations for school.​ As part of our autism assessment package, we offer an optional follow-up appointment a month after to discuss any concerns or questions.​


  • Supervision - £120


  • Consultation & Training

On request



Payments can be made by electronic transfer. Please note payment is due at the time of booking. After the initial session you can either pay per session or book a block of appointments in advance.


If you need to rearrange or cancel an appointment, please give as much prior notice as possible.

Cancellations will be charged unless 48 hours notice is provided.

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